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We understand that your feet deserve only the best socks. That's why we only stock the best quality socks that money can buy. Our socks are made from the finest materials and craftsmanship, so you can be sure they'll last. Plus, our socks come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your unique personality. So don't settle for anything less than the best - shop at our store for the perfect pair of socks today!

How carefully do you choose your socks?

 Not many of us attach importance to this thing. Although in fact, high-quality socks provide the comfort of everyday life.

Cotton socks, compression, insulated, for long walks and cozy evenings at home. Which model do you need? In our store you will find a large selection. However, before doing it, let's decide how to choose the right socks? 

How to choose socks?

 Before choosing the best pair of our brand, answer yourself the question of what specific models you need. It is for sports, work, everyday wear. Pay attention to the height of the product, material, color. 


 The composition of quality products is always dominated by natural fabrics of at least 80% - cotton, bamboo, wool. However, the presence of synthetic fibers is also considered mandatory. Nylon and elastane are needed in the composition to soften the product, increase elasticity and make it more comfortable to wear. 

If a person with a tendency to allergies needs socks, then you should definitely give preference to natural, hypoallergenic materials. 

  • Cotton. It is breathable but retains heat well. The fibers are strong, the product is worn well, affordable.

  • Wool. It has high thermal insulation properties, and at the same time the ability to allow air flow. Such models are more suitable for the cool season.

  • Bamboo fiber. They have a pleasant appearance, good breathability and a comfortable fit. 


 At first glance, this parameter seems not so important, however, when you are going to the office, to a business meeting, or, want to look as conservative as possible, colourful socks are unlikely to be appropriate. That's why it's important to always have a few new pairs of solid colours or discreet prints in stock in your wardrobe.


The classic dress code involves dark high socks. However, if you are a casual style person and your company policy does not require you to follow a strict dress code, then you can afford to stand out with colourful or printed socks. This trend is current. An image in which the colour of the socks matches the colour of the shirt, jumper and even a tie will be harmonious.

 If you are not ready to mix styles, but love designs with patterns, then they are quite suitable for casual style.

 What socks are available?

 Do you want to buy quality Australian socks? Check out the range and brand of our store. Here you can choose and buy socks online.

  • Alpaca socks. Cold and chilly weather will not scare you anymore, because these socks are made from the finest Australian alpaca wool. In these products, your feet will always be warm, cozy and comfortable.

  • Merino wool socks. If you appreciate comfort and reliable quality, this option is for you. Merino wool socks are warm, soft, pleasant to wear and durable.

  • Bamboo. Products made from environmentally friendly materials will delight you with excellent quality, super softness, antifungal properties and thermoregulation.

  • Woollen. What could be cozier and nicer than Australian wool socks? Rest at home, a walk in the winter - these products guarantee you complete comfort everywhere.

  • Cotton. Universal option. Australian-made cotton socks will keep you comfortable in the office, on a walk, on a trip throughout the day. 

  • Sports. If you are a lover of intense training, running, then the most comfortable solution is to buy socks online for sports. They are made in Australia from durable materials that contribute to thermoregulation. In sports products it is convenient to train, walk and just wear daily.

  • Classic. These models will emphasize and complement your discreet suit, becoming part of an elegant look.

  • Socks for work. We know how important it is for physical work socks to be durable and comfortable. That is why we have developed a model with these needs in mind. Your feet will be comfortable all day long.

  • Business. Australian-made socks that will create comfort for you at work, negotiations, and important meetings. Order online and enjoy a convenient product throughout the day.

  • Bedding. You can buy cozy and most comfortable sleeping socks in our store and feel calm at night, or in a relaxed home environment. 

When choosing products, consider what toe height suits you in order to feel comfortable and free.

 Popular socks brands

 The most important thing for our store is to offer the highest quality assortment for customers. Humphrey Law are socks made in Australia from natural materials that perform well in the sock. Humphrey Law is distinguished by a wide range, comfortable fit, durability, and convenience for everyday wear.

 Where is the best place to buy socks?

 We live in an active world where it is not always easy to find time to physically go shopping. That is why ordering goods online is the most convenient solution. We are waiting for you on the website of our store and are always happy to offer a wide range, a variety of Australian brand designs, a selection of casual and business models, compression and much more.

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